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Perl & Sybase® References & Resources

    Sybase® Documentation

Since Larry Wall released Perl to the Internet community, it has grown to have it"s own collection of web sites, news groups and associated products. The list presented below only form what should be considered the list of "essentials" from the perspective of Sybase DBAs.

Organization Features URL
Perl Mongers Key kick-off point for almost any Perl information. Contains links to other key Perl sites on the internet.
CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. The name says it all. If there"s a Perl module to do something, you will most likely find it in this repository.
ActiveState Probably the most widely promoted and used binary distribution of Perl. Perl is only one of the languages provided by this company. They provide binary distributions for Linux, Solaris and Windows as well as a variety of developer toolkits ($). Activestate
PerlDoc Like most major internet projects, Perl has a project devoted to the creation of a comprehensive and well written documentation suite. This site is it. (Personally, I rarely have to look further than the excellent online manuals provided with the ActiveState distribution, but PerlDoc is the definitive source.) Perl Doc
O"Reilly Publishing The people behind "the Perl Camel". O"Reilly publish more Perl books than anyone and have provided active support for the language for many years. Perl at O"Reilly
Perl Monks Primarily a discussion and distribution forum for Perl advocates. Also a useful resource for further reading and seeking out solutions to those "hairy" problems that come along. Perl Monks
The Perl Foundation Related kin to Perl Monks and the nice folks at CPAN. Primarily a site devoted to Perl advocacy. Perl Foundation
Michael Peppler The preeminent deity in the pantheon of Sybase/Perl gurus. He is the original author and maintainer of "SybPerl" and now the DBD component of the more universal Perl database access system DBI/DBD. If you want to see what was the inspiration for the introduction of Perl at OIS, have a look around his sites.

Michael Peppler"s Home Page

Sybase DBD Downloads

Ed Barlow One of the luminaries of the Sybase DBA realm. Beyond providing a wealth of information and scripts for performing DBA work on Sybase databases, he is also a Perl advocate and has some cool Perl scripts. Ed Barlow (Offline?)
Rob Verschoor Rob Verschoor"s contribution in the way of insights into Sybase"s ASE and replication server products is invaluable. Rob Verschoor
ISUG The International Sybase User"s Group. (what can I say?) ISUG TDS is the communication protocol which Sybase and MS-SQL both employ. FreeTDS is an open source version enabling support for clients on platforms other than (or in addition to) those supported directly by Sybase or Microsoft.
Sybase, Inc. Sybase emphatically do not support any scripting languages, least of all Perl. However, they do help the Perl"s cause. Sybase Perl (ASA)



Sybase® Documentation

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